Sunday, June 29, 2008

Talk about each other =]

Zurie says:

What does the word “LOVE” means 2 u? I bet u don’t know what love is until you've loved someone and you had to lose them. Love was when I loved you. I am more fascinated in having you around me moderately than whatever thing else in this creation. Love is all that I can give to you. Take my heart but please don’t break it ok syg? I think love was made for us. I can't explain all the feelings that you're making me feel. Thank you for everything and what you have done to me and changed me. I couldn’t do the thing I fear to do. But now I don't fear what’s coming towards me BECAUSE now I look towards it JUST BECAUSE OF U. Thanks 4 the love u give, I appreciate everything u do for me. The way u always makes me laugh and happy. I can’t say how much I love u, my honey. Thanks for the kisses and for saying I LOVE U SO MUCH everyday , every night and every second! Trust me that I will always love u. Only u always have, always will. MuahhxX999 I LOVE U more than everything ANDY my honey!

Andy says:

Don't think that i don't know what love is, because that's what i've been living with since the day i knew u. I lost u once, but i'll never ever lose u again. N yeah u're right, ever since then u truly open my eyes n my heart. Now i can see what love is clearly, even clearer than a crystal. U r all that i need to survive in this cruel world. Whenever u're by my side, it feels as if the whole world, universe, n even the heaven is mine. U complete me syg. Ur heart is the one beating inside my body n keeps me alive, i would never break it because without it how can i stay alive anymore since i already gave all my heart to u too. Once, we we born out of LOVE. Even now it's still here keeping us together, n someday from our LOVE more little lives will be born. So LOVE, was surely made for us darling. I thank you too for always being patient n understanding by my side thru all the happiness n sadness. We've been thru laughter of joy n tears of sadness together, nothing can separate us anymore. None that exist can describe how much my love towards u r. For all ur hugs, kisses, words of love, n everything u ever gave me, i really do thank u n appreciate them all. U r my other half n my soulmate made in heaven long ago, for this very moment n all the times to come, forever n ever u'll be the only one that i love. I LOVE U EVEN MORE MY DARLING ZURIE! MwahxX9999!!!